Fees For Services Not Covered By The Medical Services Plan


Driver’s Medical Exams – $100

Disability Tax Credit Form – $100

Short Doctor’s Note (school, work, etc) – $10

Most other forms (per page) – $25

Please thoroughly read forms before getting the doctor to fill them out.  This is to ensure that the form applies to your situation and is appropriate.  The patient is generally responsible for the cost of form completion.


Cortisone, per injection (medication cost) – $20

Removal of staples (for staple remover) – $10

Liquid Nitrogen/Cryotherapy (cosmetic) – $50

Benign Mole Removal (cosmetic)

Face – $120

Elsewhere – $90


Transfer of Records – $39.45 plus photocopying fees OR USB fee.

Photocopy or Copies of Reports/Labs – $2/page for the first 10 pages, then $0.30/page.


We accept cash, cheque, debit, Visa and Mastercard.