Shuswap Family Practice would like you to be aware of a few of our policies in order to ensure that everyone gets the most out of their clinic visit.

Some of our clinic policies. Click to view.

Additional information.


Please notify the receptionist at the time of booking if your visit is WorkSafeBC or ICBC related or if there are any forms that need completing. The allotted time for a routine visit is 10 minutes and up to 30 minutes for other appointment types.  Please present your most urgent concern first. The physician may require you to book a follow up appointment for other concerns.
As a courtesy to staff and other patients, please call if you cannot make your scheduled appointment time so another person can be fit into the cancellation. You may be billed for missed appointments if you have not notified the clinic.

Advanced Access:

We reserve emergency same day appointment spots for each physician. If you need to be seen the same day for an urgent medical issue call our office after 8:00 am and we will try to accommodate you.


Please book an appointment with your physician to review any results.  Patients can also register for Interior Health’s “My Health Portal” at the outpatient lab or the hospital.  This will allow access to all laboratory results, imaging results and select documents done through an Interior Health facility.  Click the link above for more information.

Prescription Refills:

You must make an appointment with your physician for medication refills.  Most medications need to be reviewed from time to time.  If you have run out or will run out before your appointment, contact your pharmacist about getting a small supply until you can be seen.